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Kay barney kessel photos.

Vintage Kay and Silvertone Guitars and Basses

Being a Chicago based business we have a special affinity with Kay.  Kay guitars started in Chicago however Kay actually started building guitars in 1890 under the Groshl name.  By 1921 the name was changed to Stromberg-Voisinet.  By the early 1920 Stromberg was supplying guitars to Montgomery Wards and Regal. After the introduction of the higher end "Kay Craft" guitars in 1931 the company name was changed to Kay Musical Instruments.

Kay was purchased in 1955 by a former Harmony manager and quickly turned Kay into one of the largest guitar manufacturers of the 1950's.  Kay supplied guitars to Sears for the Silvertone line as well as Speigal (Kraftsmen brand), Montgomery Wards (Airline brand) and many other private label distributors. One of the most popular 50's models was the Silvertone "Jimmy Reed Thin Twin" which was the Kay 161 model.

In the 60's the market was changing and imports from companies such as Univox and Teisco resulted in financial difficulties for Kay.    Seeburg, a Juke Box manufacturer purchased Kay in 1965 later selling Kay to Valco.  Valco soon went out of business taking Kay with it.  The Kay brand was sold to WMI in 1969.

kay barney kessle guitar
Red kay archtop guitar.
Kay barney kessel with black pickups.
1950's Kay Barney Kessel
1960's Kay K573 "Speed Demon)
Kay Upbeat
Kay Reverb Kay P3 Unknown Kay Swingmaster
1950's kay double bass upright bass.
Kay N-1 archtop guitar.
1950's silvertong jimmy reed guitar made by kay
kay custom craft guitar
A Nice 1950's Kay Upright Bass
Kay N-1 Archtop
1950's Silvertone Jimmy Reed
guitar made by Kay.
Kay Custom Craft Guitar
These guitars and basses are all sold.  We do have vintage and used Kay guitars and basses from time to time.  Please check out main web site for current Kay stock.  Visit our Vintage Guitar web site for details.


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