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The Kay K161 thin twin is also know as the Jimmy Reed or Howling wolf model as well as the silvertone thin twin.


Kay thin twin colors

The Kay Thin Twin K161 Vintage Reissue Electric Guitars
Triple Chambered body and Great Tone!

The Kay Thin Twin - Originally introduced in 1952 the Kay Thin Twin K161 Electric guitar has a single cut body and great looks that provide a unique blues sound created by triple chamber interior bracing that made the Kay Thin Twin a favorite among 50's and 60's blues players and rockers and was also known as the "Jimmy Reed" and "Howling Wolf".  The Thin Twin features the famous Thin Twin two blade pickups which deliver a unique clean sharp sound with sustain to spare.  The Thin Twin hollow body parallel bracing produces clean natural sounding distortion without feedback. Please contact us for more details on the Kay Vintage Reissue Thin Twin guitar.

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Kay K161 thin twin electric silvertone guitar color choices.
The Kay Thin Twin K161 Guitar Reissues

The Kay Thin Twin Reissue - Available in Black (K161VBK), Blonde (K161VB) and Sunburst (K161VCS)

Black:List $1050Our Price:  $875
Blonde:List $1150Our Price:  $949
Cherry Burst:List $1150Our Price:  $949

Note: All prices include a Kay Vintage Case !

Please contact us for more information or to place your Kay guitar order.  We ship world wide.

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