Buy the Kay pro bass K162 eletric bass online and for sale by a Kay dealer
Kay K162 - a Great bass for punchy jazz and chicago blues for sale online.


Kay K162 vintage reissue bass headstock.

The Kay Pro Bass K162 Reissue Electric Bass
Played like a guitar, sounds like an upright bass!

The Kay Pro Electric Bass Reissue - Originally introduced in 1952 the Kay K162 Pro Bass is a vintage reissue blast from the past.  Known for a round bat like neck that was surprisingly narrow created great string spacing making the Kay K162 a pleasure to play.  Unlike the original the new K162 features a truss rod and an adjustable saddle providing vintage looks and modern consistency and flexibility. The Kay K162 bass creates a Chicago style jazzy blues sound by means of a body chamber design and single coil blade pickup.  Materials feature a one piece Canadian Maple neck, maple sides and 3 ply curly maple top, Rosewood fingerboard, Wilkinson tuners, rosewood bridge and a Bone nut finished in a high gloss poly making the Kay Pro Bass a beautiful Kay Reissue bass.

Kay vintage reissue bass headstock logo photo.
Kay K-162 bass color choices and K162V finish photo.
The Kay Pro Bass Vintage Reissue Basses and Retro Case

The Kay Pro Bass model K162 is available in Black (K162VBK), Blonde (K162VB) and Honey Sunburst (K162VHS)

Black:List $1050Our Price:  $899
Blonde:List $1150Our Price:  $975
Honey Burst:List $1150Our Price:  $999       

Note: All Kay Basses include a Kay Vintage Case !

Please contact us for more information or to place your Kay Bass order.  We ship world wide !


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