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Vintage Kay and Silvertone Guitars and Basses

Buy Vintage Kay and Silvertone Gear - This site is owned by Rock N Roll Vintage Inc, a Chicago based vintage and used guitar dealer.  We are actively buying and selling all kinds of vintage guitars, amps and effects.  We do have vintage Kay and Silvertone instruments from time to time (see our vintage Kay and Silvertone Photos).  We even see a few Kay upright basses.  If you're interested in a vintage Kay or Silvertone guitar or bass please contact our guitar shop at 773-878-8616, drop us an email at rocknrollvintage@gmail.com or visit rocknrollvintage.com and type "kay" in the home page search box.  

If you want that vintage Kay look and feel but you don't want to pay vintage prices, consider one of the new Kay Vintage Reissue guitars or basses offered on this site.  Kay Vintage Reissues feature vintage tone, modern construction and high quality at a reasonable price. 



Please contact us for more Kay information, pricing or to place your Kay order.  We ship world wide.


Contact Information for Kay Bass Guitar/Rock N Roll Vintage Store:                                                                                         
Address:4740 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60625
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