Buy the kay recording studio custom shop k161 thin twin guitar or k162 pro bass.  Expert hand crafted kay reissues built in the USA by fritz brothers.


buy kay recording studio guitars and basses.  Custom order basses and guitar from the kay custom shop, made in USA.

The Kay Recording Studio Series
Hand crafted quality built in the USA!!

The Kay Recording Studio Series - The Kay Recording Studio Series are hand built custom shop reissues of popular Kay basses and guitars.  While not for everybody these instruments are the ultimate in quality and playability.  Each instrument is made in California by Fritz Brothers Guitars.  These are custom order guitars and basses and prices start at $2999.   Please contact us to place your Kay Custom Shop order.  The Custom Shop models will track the release of the standard Kay reissues and are currently available in a Jazz II and Thin Twin guitar and a Jazz Special and Kay Pro bass.  In the future we expect to see the Upbeat Gold and Barney Kessel models as well.

New models will be available soon, we anticipate in the future we expect to see the Jazz II, Jazz Special Bass, Upbeat Gold Line, the Barney Kessel Gold Line, Pro, and Jazz Special guitars and basses.
American Made Custom Shop Kay Reissues


Please contact us for more Kay custom shop information, pricing or to place your Kay order.  We ship world wide.


kay custom shop recording studio series insturments, basses and guitars.
Contact Information for Kay Bass Guitar/Rock N Roll Vintage Store:                                                                                
Address:4740 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60625
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